Membership Terms and Conditions

1. Setting of Subscription Values
The committee will set Membership and Subscriptions for the upcoming season. The
committee will consider relativity with other clubs in setting subscription rates

2. Timing of Subscription Payment
All subscriptions will be payable by 1 April or prior to the first competition rounds
whichever is earlier. Members should update their details on isquash to ensure members
receive the relevant notices.

3. Late Subscription Payment
Payment received after the due date as mentioned above will attract the following late
payment surcharge:
– 4 weeks after the due date 10% of fee
– 6 weeks after the due date 15% of fee
– 8 weeks after the due date 20% of fee
Access to the building and to book courts will be withdrawn if the full fee including late
payment has not been paid 8 weeks after the due date. We may also consider removing
members from interclub teams and the clubs grading list if payment arrangements are not
in place by 1 May

4. Payment of Subscriptions by Instalment
Progress payments will be considered provided:
– specific arrangements have been made with the Membership Officer prior to 1
April and;
– payments are made fortnightly or monthly and paid fully by 30 June.

5. Early Termination of Membership
Should a member withdraw from playing or terminate their membership the maximum
refund of membership subscription shall be as follows:
a) Within 4 weeks of the season starting the full subscription amount
b) Within 8 weeks of the season starting 50% of the subscription (excl late payment)
c) After 8 weeks of the season starting no refund applies

6. Unpaid Subscriptions
Players with outstanding fees will be considered non-financial at the beginning of each
playing year and will be approached in accordance with item 3.

7. New Players / Members
New club members joining the club within 8 weeks of the start of the playing season will
be required to pay full Club membership without incurring late payment penalty
Pro rata arrangements will be considered for new club members who join after the first 8
weeks of the playing season without incurring late payment penalty