The Game of Squash


Squash has been around for nearly 150 years, and became phenomenally popular in the last few decades of the twentieth century. It is played in at least 153 nations and is a favourite sport throughout the world.

The Basics

The aim of the game is to take turns hitting the ball to the front wall, making the ball impossible to play, or force an error, from your opposition. The ball can only bounce once on the floor but can hit any of the other walls. After each shot you must try to get out of the way of both the ball and your opposition. The first player to score 15 points wins the game, and the first to win three games (best of 5 games) wins the match.

Squash Jargon:
​       Let – called if your swing is obstructed by your opponent and neither player wins a point.

        Stroke – called if your swing is prevented by your opponent and you win the point.

        Out line – the red line that runs around the top of the court is out.  
         Service line – on the front wall in between the tin and the out line.
        Tin – the metal area below the lowest line on the front is out.
        The T – the area in the middle of the court where the lines meets.

The Rules

Want to know the rules? Settle an argument? Or are you trying to work out a tricky problem? Squash New Zealand has adopted and operates to World Squash Rules and Regulations – this ensures they remain up to date and consistent with accepted International Regulations.

All interclub players are required to pass the Squash New Zealand Club Referee Exam.